What are the most beautiful marble stones in the world? How can you use them to furnish your home?

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the most beautiful marble stones in the world

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The most elegant marble? Discover the most exquisite marble, from the Italian Bianco di Carrara marble to the most extraordinary stones from all over the world.

The history of this marble is intrinsically linked to great architectural works.

In fact, this natural stone has always been a protagonist in the world of arts and architecture: from works of art to the most refined buildings, this extraordinary metamorphic rock, composed mainly of calcium carbonate, has the power to transform spaces, captivating the gaze.

The history of the most highly appreciated and precious marble is rooted in the Bel Paese. The doubt about which is the most precious marble in the world doubtless centres around Bianco di Carrara marble.

Indeed, Italy hides a treasure trove of very varied gems: when looking for the most beautiful and prestigious marble in the world, there are many other possibilities found on Italian soil.


Bianco di Carrara marble

The timeless Bianco Carrara Classico marble was called marmor lunensi  by the ancient Romans - Luni Marble, named after the area in which it originated. Extracted from the quarries of Carrara in the Apuan Alps, near the sea and immersed in a territory rich in history and tradition, it has always been synonymous with elegance and refinement and is considered to be one of the most precious types of marble, both nationally and internationally.

The classic Bianco di Carrara marble is white and has black or grey veining. Like all marble, it is a metamorphic rock formed by calcium carbonate crystals of almost microscopic dimensions. However, this particular marble originates from pre-existing rocks, which, due to strong variations in pressure and temperature, have undergone a complete reorganisation in terms of the crystalline structure. It is therefore distinguished by its homogenous ground mass with shiny granules. Its colour varies from white to greyish, enriched by shaded grey veining.

Bianco di Carrara marble can be used in different environments and domestic contexts, including: in the kitchen, on islands or on worktops; in bathrooms as a surface coating; in the bedroom as cladding and flooring; in the living room around the fireplace or as flooring.

Bianco di Carrara Gioia

Bianco di Carrara Gioia marble is a luxurious version of Bianco di Carrara marble. With a pure white colour and grey veining and thanks to its ethereal beauty, it is a natural stone that is suitable for both indoor environments, usually with a polished or smoothed finish, and outdoor environments.

Statuary marble

Statuary marble is considered one of the most precious and noble marble varieties in the world. Its name derives from its extensive use in the creation of sculptures and architectural works of great value. This particular marble is characterised by a pure white background with bright tones, and thick veining that dominates as it crosses through the natural stone with varying shades of light and dark grey.
This natural stone of the finest grain makes the spaces into which it is introduced timeless, rendering each design project unique and inimitable.
The versatility of this marble is perfectly suited to flooring and cladding, for both domestic and commercial environments.

Statuarietto marble

Originating from the Carrara extraction area, it is characterised by a white background and grey veining. In particular, Statuarietto is a very rare marble to find, and it is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps, just like Bianco di Carrara marble. The stone mainly has a white background and is dense with streaks and nuances tending to shades of grey, which expand throughout the stone with irregular dimensions. The slight chromatic variations of the elements brings the marble to life with a wealth of light effects.

It does not go unnoticed: there are many possibilities for using Satuarietto marble in interior decoration, for the construction of floors with low foot traffic, cladding, kitchen countertops, shower trays and tops for the bathroom.

Travertine marble

Travertine is a porous marble. Its colour can vary from white to beige, like our Classic Travertine, to various shades of brown-yellow, like our Silver Travertine, up to black with purple streaks, like our Titanium Travertine.

Classic Travertine marble is another embodiment of Italian marble excellence with which, for example, the Ancient Romans built one of the most famous monuments in the world: the Colosseum. Thanks to its unusual texture with different colours, Silver Travertine marble keeps its charm in tact, meaning that it still one of the first choices as a material that is ideal for indoor environments, and in particular it lends itself perfectly to floor coverings.

Calacatta marble

The Calacatta marble family offers a wealth of possibilities.

As well as Classic Calacatta marble, you can find Calacatta Apuano, Calacatta Caldia, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia and Calacatta Vagli marble

Each of these natural stones retains the shared feature being of one of the most precious forms of marble in the world, but they are characterised by unique features.


While Classic Calacatta is a symbol of refinement thanks to the warm white background covered with delicate colour veining, Calacatta Apuano marble from northern Tuscany stands out for its exquisite combinations of wide, delicate veins in shades of grey.

Extracted in the Apuan Alps, Calacatta Caldia marble is a symbol of the excellence of Italian marble. It is a natural stone with a crystalline white colour enriched with nuanced veins, in tones that can vary from grey to black. It is an excellent coating for floors, surfaces or decorative elements.

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble is a refined marble with a veined structure, with a style that is classic and modern at the same time. The material is reminiscent of the famous Classic Calacatta but differs in its marked, deep veining, ranging from light grey to beige shades over the entire surface. Versatile and contemporary, this marble is ideal for interior design and decorative elements.

Calacatta Vagli, also extracted in the Apuan Alps, is one of the most elegant kinds of marble thanks to the unique alternation of veining and ovulated ends that take on golden shades and chromatic tonalities ranging from light grey to amber. This marble lends itself to the decoration of highly refined interiors, floors and living room and bathroom furnishings.


Verde Alpi Marble

Verde Alpi is a type of marble with an intense and overwhelming colour: the deep green background is crossed by light veining, with shades ranging from white to yellow.

Breath-taking and majestic, this marble is one of the most precious natural green stones in the world. Our Verde Alpi marble slabs have the power to enchant anyone who looks at them thanks to the strong contrast in its varieties of colour. The deep green background varies between areas of lighter and darker tones. The entire surface is embellished with veining in shades of white and yellow. Its bold beauty and unique features allow this marble to be used in different design projects, especially in floors.

The most beautiful marble stones in the world

Italy is not the only country home to beautiful and precious marbles. Indeed, if we go beyond the national borders, we can find many natural stones of equal beauty.


Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina marble is an intense black stone, but its main feature is its veined structure. In fact, the entire surface has white elements running through it that are robust but also subtle, created by carbon infiltration during its  formation. Nero Marquinia marble is extracted from quarries in northern Spain near Bilbao but is highly appreciated all over the world, so much so that it is considered one of the most beautiful types of marble in the world. It is used as a luxury furnishing element, and is perfect for interior decoration.

Emperador Marble

Of Spanish origin, Emperador ranks among the most highly appreciated marble types in the world. The Dark variant features a characteristic dark brown colour, with black segments and hazelnut, cream and greenish veins. With shiny and elegant finishing, its characteristics make it ideal for anyone who wants to have a marble material with a contemporary and modern style. It is excellent for interior design: coatings for kitchens or bathrooms, floors and designer furniture.



The veining and colours of marble make this natural stone a timeless jewel, an example of excellence and an eternal testament to artistic and architectural mastery.

Gems of inestimable beauty are hidden within Italy: from the prestigious Bianco di Carrara marble to the unique Verde Alpi marble. However, there are also rare stones with a singular history but of equal beauty beyond the Italian borders that are capable of enriching your possibilities and imagination.

Discover Favorita marble, a wide range of possibilities to make your space unique with the most extraordinary marble in the world.

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