Ultimate natural stone for those special holiday home magic spaces

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Ultimate natural stone for those special holiday home magic spaces

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Natural stone is a popular trend for the design of interior and exterior flooring for holiday homes located by the sea or in the mountains.

The latest developments in architecture and design have created comfortable and cosy environments that blend interior and exterior spaces while maintaining style and aesthetics.


One of the main trends for outdoor and indoor flooring in 2023 is the use of natural materials, warm colours, and attractive textures. Flooring solutions are adaptable to any requirement, both classic and contemporary.


This desire for design with a focus on wall coverings and flooring with natural stone is given by the “traditional beauty” that is linked to an inspirational rediscovery of nature in its most beautiful and truest colours.


This return to ancestral values is perfectly attuned to holiday home settings where the mind relaxes in a return to innocence and moments of carefree contentment in a time and tranquil space reserved for ultimate relaxation.


Our stone embodies what nature has created in an enduring metamorphosis over millions of years, expressing this mood of carefree fulfilment while meeting every demand in terms of aesthetic appeal and technical performance.


Why is natural stone outdoor flooring the right choice?



Stone flooring makes spaces natural, bright and elegant.


Holiday homes often feature dream villa or flat-inspired architecture, with broad colonnades, whitewashed walls, sea-view terraces, and spacious porticoes in foothill settings.


Natural light must illuminate and shine in all areas, from the living room to the more private areas of the bedrooms, sustaining a balanced and engaging exchange between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Why is a natural stone design the right choice for your holiday home? What are the benefits of using natural stone in outdoor or indoor flooring?


Paving stones delicately and elegantly frame the distinctive ambience of carefree relaxation typical of holiday homes.


Natural stone outdoor flooring is compatible with green construction and eco-architecture principles. It is an enduring and resilient eco-friendly material that is easy to clean. Natural stones, such as marble, granite and slate, perfectly meet these needs and have proven to be a popular choice for indoor flooring and outdoor paving. Not only do they have visual appeal, but they are also highly practical.


Natural stone floors offer numerous advantages that make them ideal for creating refined and luxurious ambiences. In addition to their exceptional strength and durability, they come in a wide range of colours and textures, including polished, brushed, honed, and matt finishes, that enhance the unique veining and shading of individual stones.



Natural stone slabs are perfect for your outdoor paving



Summer home surroundings must continuously interact with installed natural stone features to optimise design continuity and visual appeal. There are many natural stone materials that enhance spatial aesthetics and technical performance.


Granite and quartz are perfect for terraces: compact and resistant but also aesthetically varied and pleasant, biocompatible, and recyclable; they are the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.


This paving material has a beige colour tending to grey, with sandy and hazelnut hues streaked with slender golden veins. Perfect for any setting, our exclusive Taj Mahal, Quartzite, originally from Brazil, is a beautiful natural stone exuding a deep, radiant glow.


Taj Mahal quartzite is an excellent outdoor stone paving material – it graces outdoor spaces while maintaining a high degree of functionality and tough physical resilience.


Its lively, striking colour makes it particularly suitable for embellishing porches, gardens and swimming pool areas.


Our stone paving slabs create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor spaces of your holiday home, garden, patio or porch.



Natural stone flooring for interiors



The vast selection of natural products for interior decor installations includes a wide range of finishes, such as polished, brushed or honed, combined with variations in colours, veining, and inserts.


Every stone floor, whether marble, granite or quartzite, is always original.


We have various types of natural stone for floors, interiors and exteriors, with different thicknesses, sizes and price levels. For proper laying, we suggest two different types. The first is the uniform floor, laid with sharply edged slabs that are ideal for slender grouting lines. A final surface grinding may be applied to obtain the desired finish. The final effect is flat and uniform. The second type is the classic leaky floor, with the possibility of choosing the preferred width and matching the colour of the leaking material.


The slabs of our Deep Grey marble feature a characteristic deep grey colour, varying from lighter to darker shades, mottled with deep yet subtle coppery and white veins. The deep veins are perfect in this environment because they guide the viewer's gaze into depth.


Our natural stones for all your spaces – at Favorita offer a stunning collection.


We offer a wide variety of stones for all types of construction projects, including floor, wall, and surface cladding applications, exterior facades, and interior cladding. Additionally, we provide outdoor stone for walls and a broad range of finishes for every type of interior design project.
We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the most beautiful aesthetic impact and the intrinsic durability of natural stone.

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