Natural Stone Kitchens: Beautyfood, designed by Favorita

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Natural Stone Kitchens: Beautyfood, designed by Favorita

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Granite Georgia Black and Mustang quartzite are the stars of the Beautyfood kitchen island, designed by Favorita

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Practical, yet elegant, natural stone finishes lend a joie de vivre to furnishings, transforming the heart of your kitchen.


In the vast landscape of architecture and interior design, kitchen design projects are always a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Granite, marble, and quartzite as well as onyx and semiprecious stone are excellent options when choosing materials for such a convivial and versatile space.


Considering natural stone for your finishes opens up a wider range of aesthetically pleasing options suitable for both everyday activities as well as any unique requirements. It likewise meets the multifunctional requirements of your home's most loved and highly trafficked area.


Natural materials offer almost endless combinations; have a look at one of our kitchens on offer, featuring an island, granite, and quartzite for this space.


Beautyfood kitchens: splendor is served! 


Materials truly make the difference: quartzite, granite, and natural stone are essential for a luminous and versatile environment, a natural combination that is nowadays indispensable. Increasingly popular in homes in recent years, the kitchen island's design gives the space an elegantly functional look. It is one of the most open, scenic, and yet refined kitchen furnishings, as well as an excellent means for subdividing open-plan living areas.

In this kitchen, we offer a central kitchen island in natural stone, made from a combination of two extraordinary stones: Georgia Black granite and Mustang quartzite.

Meticulous finishes and exquisite natural stone materials compliment the island's central block, making it the kitchen's primary focal point. The black-veined hues of Georgia Black granite create a luxuriously elegant atmosphere, while thanks to its sharp veining, the ethereal look of the Mustang quartzite countertop is underscored by its excellent performance. These stones' natural durability and strength embody the practicality required by cooktop surfaces.

Our slabs' hues and veining have been carefully selected for their contrasts as well as for the traits required by a particular ambient setting. Our designs incorporate a full range of kitchen features that are aesthetically stunning and functionally organized, creating space for your everyday activities.

All elements in the space have been finished with specialized and precise techniques in order to provide the optimal product for its intended use.


The benefits of a natural stone island in the kitchen

Choosing a design with a kitchen island implemented in natural stone has several advantages, first and foremost that of creating a convivial hub for your home.

In recent years, the kitchen has become an extremely versatile and multifaceted space. In addition to being the place where meals are prepared, it has become an environment for working, studying, and socializing with friends and family.

Away from walls, the island's central position helps eliminate the risk of hard-to-clean splashes while also imbuing the space with a feeling of order and balance. During everyday moments, the island lets you chat with others sitting at the table or in the open-space living area while you cook at the stove. In festive occasions such as cocktails and dinner parties, the extensive countertop helps keep guests entertained as you prepare snacks, open bottles of wine, or prepare cocktails.


The natural stone kitchen island is an advantageous refinement: granite, marble and quartzite have incomparable aesthetic qualities  thanks to their intensely expressive hues and shadings. The material's veining, coloration, and inclusions give an unexpectedly unique finish, perfect for the room that to this day reigns as the heart of the home.




The intriguingly dark and deep color of our Georgia Black granite is bold and decisive, remaining eloquently durable over time. With its rich, light-colored veining, our Mustang quartzite interacts well with alternating hues while providing the strength needed by kitchen countertops.

In addition to their tasteful aesthetics, natural stone has a number of genuine practical advantages which account for their widespread use in kitchens and bathrooms. They are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, as well as being extremely practical and resistant, able to withstand drastic fluctuations in heat and humidity.


Looking for a natural stone kitchen? If you are looking for premium high-grade marble and granite, download our catalogue to discover what Favorita can offer for you!

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