Cosy Luxury 2024: tips for a granite kitchen

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Cosy Luxury 2024: tips for a granite kitchen

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In line with 2024 design trends, the unique Glacier Granite Stone is the ingredient that provides a special touch to your unique kitchen space

Among the trends for 2024, after various studies and research, we see a gradual but important shift. The design world has shifted from interior design that is more focused on a frenetic minimalism, both in terms of elements and spaces, to a desire for greater personal comfort.

One of the biggest breakthroughs concerns, for example, the change in vision toward Scandinavian and Japanese design. The former is rich in clean lines, quality materials and functional design; the latter features streamlined aesthetics, balance and spatial organization.

While trends lend themselves to coming in waves, those for 2024 will not be consistent with previous years.

The design will focus on combining and reworking pre-existing concepts, gathering and exploiting the best pieces to mix them with something more personal.

Cosy Luxury 2024

One of the home furnishing trends of 2024 is explained by the term "Cosy Luxury"; a cozy luxury that does not focus on eccentricity, but neither does it focus on the mere linearity of spaces.

Comfort and authenticity are, in fact, the new keywords. The home interiors will be designed in a relaxed way to reflect the lifestyle, meet the needs and, above all, accompany the "imperfections" of those who inhabit the spaces.

We will thereby witness a gradual shift from the pursuit of minimal perfection and luxurious furnishings, courtesy of furniture, fixtures, and décor by famous designers, to the embrace of texture, comfort, history, and the significance of materials.

To modify and design the new interior environments of homes, we therefore recommend that you:

  • use traditional materials and elements, such as natural stone;
  • opt for Scandinavian design details, adding a twist for a more contemporary feel;
  • decorate with some vintage furniture and objects.


Together, these elements will blend a taste for antiques with sophisticated details, contributing to a personal sense of an overall ensemble.

Favorita's granite kitchen

There are a variety of natural stones that can satisfy the latest design trends, and granite is one of them.

From the Latin granum, granite is a rock with a distinctive chemical and mineralogical composition. It exhibits an ever-changing texture: the  composition, the result of the fusion of igneous rocks and the cooling of magma, ensures an appearance that is always personal.

The colors of granite are many and varied, but our Showcook natural stone kitchen range perfectly incorporates and builds on the "Cosy luxury" design trend.

Glacier stone is used in this example of a home space. As one of the 2024 interior design trends requires, it focuses on a varied color palette and displays a rich yet still personal texture.

The light – dark tones of our natural granite slabs are also able to illuminate the entire environment. The play of tonality that is created is a true masterpiece that allows you to express, all the more so, your passion for the table.

The versatility of Glacier Granite allows its use in a variety of contexts, from kitchen countertops to backsplash fixtures to furniture elements.


During this new year, more great news is expected from industry companies, from various disciplines of interest to different schools of thought; all thanks in part to new technologies.

We at Favorita accompany our customers in the new challenges of the art of living, with different proposals for everyday spaces and environments, enclosed within our showroom in Cavaion Veronese.

Different types of granite, an intrusive magmatic rock, completely surround and envelop guests in our Verona showroom.

Enveloped by the beauty of the materials, it is possible to take a closer look at the varieties of granite, which can come in different colors, for indoor and outdoor use. You can also choose from a smooth surface, or a glossy, brushed or polished finish. Granite can be used for kitchens and bathrooms and indoor or outdoor flooring.

Discover all our products and visit our ShowRoom in the heart of Verona's marble and natural stone area!

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