The colors of granite encapsulate a wealth of decorating opportunities

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The colors of granite encapsulate a wealth of decorating opportunities

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Each granite composition tells a different but equally time-honored story. Read our article to find out how to enhance your space with unique and timeless tones

Natural stones, with their nuances and veining, are custodians of centuries-old stories that are woven into the past and revealed in the present.

Among these, granite emerges as one of the most highly prized and versatile stones in the world, bringing with it a unique appeal. The unparalleled properties and multiple application possibilities make granite one of the most popular choices among architects, designers and builders.

The unique chemical and mineralogical composition of the rocks is the result of their volcanic formation, dating back millions of years. Born deep in the earth's crust from the melting of igneous rocks, granitic rocks are among the most resilient and abundant rocks on earth.

In the wide panorama of possibilities offered by granite stone, the always unique components within it generate various colorations, bestowing the freedom to satisfy various aesthetics and tastes.

The versatile uses of granite in design

Granite is used in so many projects; it stands out for its extraordinary versatility in applications, occupying various spheres ranging from domestic environments to the construction and design industries.


Its strength, durability, ease of maintenance, flexibility, and inherent beauty make it a valuable investment in any setting. Thanks to granite, it is possible to shape environments characterized by sophisticated elegance and longevity, giving spaces a timeless and, above all, long-lasting touch of class.

Widely used in interior and exterior flooring, wall coverings, interior cladding, kitchen countertops, and fireplaces, granite is distinguished by its rich aesthetics and a wide range of colors. Its strength and durability make it very suitable for high-traffic spaces, such as lobbies and corridors in commercial buildings. Monuments made of granite, which can withstand the elements, lend durability and become an ideal choice to commemorate historical figures or events of significance.

This particular natural stone demonstrates remarkable versatility, adapting to both classic and modern furnishing styles. Thanks to such distinctive features, granite remains a well-established choice for architects and designers, successfully satisfying both structural and aesthetic requirements. 


Within the rich Favorita collection, there are numerous granites: white granite, black granite, pink granite – all bright and versatile, lending themselves magnificently to a wide range of projects.

Granites of different colors: the diversity of granite colors ranges from elegant white to mysterious black, delicate pink, and beyond. However, Favorita's exclusive offering is distinguished by its unique gems, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

In particular, Black Vermont, exclusive to Favorita, comes in a charming anthracite black, making it a perfect option for kitchen countertops. Equally exclusive is Glacier, characterized by a light gray background color and eclectic veining, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and heat and moisture resistant.

Favorita exclusive granites: Black Vermont

Black Vermont blocks from Brazil are an international exclusive within the prestigious Favorita collection.

Renowned as one of the world's most popular granites, this material captivates with its fascinating hue, characterized by a distinctive anthracite black enhanced by subtle tone-on-tone veining.

Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of applications, especially in the area of kitchen countertops, winning the hearts of architects, planners and interior designers.

Favorita exclusive granites: Glacier

The special Glacier granite is one of the exclusive natural stones offered by Favorita.

Originally from Brazil, this granite stone is characterized by a light gray base color, enriched by veining, spots, and inclusions of light and dark tones.

Appreciated as one of the most globally beloved granites, our exclusive product is a top choice for interior and exterior decoration. Its eclectic and elegant tones make it ideal for a variety of applications, while its slabs resist heat and moisture, ensuring excellence for kitchen countertops, walls, bathrooms, floors and other surfaces exposed to potential water damage.


The infinite diversity of natural stones that comprise our planet is our inexhaustible source of inspiration. Our never-ending mission is to dedicate ourselves to the search for the purest and finest materials.

Natural stones, carefully selected by Favorita, go beyond their decorative function. They constitute authentic evidence of an age-old past: they are woven into the present moment, creating an indelible link between past and present.

The granite proposed by Favorita is a classy option, capable of adding a touch of sophistication to any room. The distinctive beauty of Black Vermont and Glacier is combined with durability, offering excellent solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

To reveal more details about our exclusive granite collection, please contact us today. Natural beauty is ready to enrich your environment, just waiting to be discovered.

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